Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kerala "God's Own Country"

From last 10 months being in Kerala I encountered the Culture, Lifestyle, Nature etc. Real Kerala cannot be enjoyed by sitting in A/C Cabs, staying at Resorts & Luxuary Hotels and neither Kerala can be explored within a few days of planned journey. So for enjoying the true beauty of Kerala it's necessary to stay and explore. It happens when a North Indian comes to South the big nightmare he/she is "What to eat" will I get North Indian food. I am not pointing but this same situation i was facing but with time all got on right tracks. Kerala is famous for it's Meals served on Banana Leaf and food cooked in Coconut oil. But it's worth tasting at first your taste buds will neglect but soon you will start getting taste from food cooked in coconut oil.

Now let's the pictures tell you the rest about Kerala as Words will shortened to explain this wonderful green God's Own Country

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